Royal Pride Foundation
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What RPF does for SMHS

We raise money through community engagement and support to provide an exceptional learning environment for all students at San Marcos High School.

We envision a school where all students feel supported and inspired to reach their highest potential.

State funding for education in California is inadequate, ranking 45th in the nation. Recent school funding laws have diverted the majority of property tax revenue to the state rather than SBUSD.

We act to put lost funds back into San Marcos.


6th Annual Royal Gala

The Royal Gala is your opportunity to support San Marcos and Royal Pride. Please join us in celebrating our community and giving to our school!


Pave your pride


Leave your lasting legacy.

Purchase a brick today to contribute to our general fund.

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$3,000,000 Raised



Our mission is to provide strategic guidance and funding for projects that will support all students and further drive San Marcos High School to excellence in academics, extracurricular pursuits, and facilities.

Royal Pride Foundation has invested over $3 million to help power the programs, services, and facilities that have sparked San Marcos' resurgence and continue to set the school apart.

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 About Us


The Royal Pride Foundation uses a grant review and selection process to solicit, review, and award grants to projects that meet our mission. Our goal is to have a far reaching impact and provide our educators with resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Our supporters understand that when we work collectively to elevate the experience for all San Marcos students, each individual student realizes the benefits. You can help in so many ways, by sponsoring the event, donating an auction item, volunteering your time at the Royal Gala, and helping others become involved.


Get Involved.

Because your student is every student!